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  • Deploying Your WordPress Theme with Github Actions

    I’ve been on a couple of quests recently to use my iPad as my daily driver and to explore FSE theme building.. Both of those quests collided for me as I’ve been having trouble using the code editor apps that are available for iPadOS. Thankfully, the folks over at VSCode/Microsoft/GitHub have made a way for […]

  • Failing To Get Started with the Theme.json

    Alright.. Honest truth time. I failed at about everything I tried today to get started with the Theme.json file. So much so, that you wouldn’t want to watch a video of me fumbling through documentation, etc. I think that says a lot about the level of documentation that’s still needed for the average user. At […]

  • Creating a Full-Site Editing Theme

    Today is the day.. I’m chronicling my journey through creating a full-site editing theme. I’m going to be writing out my experience here, but if you’d rather go through it on video, I’m going through that way as well. I’m really excited about this. I think WordPress theme building is going to be a lot […]

  • WordPress Theme Development is Changing

    When I first started bufilding WordPress themes, was fairly simple. As long as you had some basic HTML and CSS skills, you could quickly transfer that into PHP and you could have a theme in no time. I remember building my first theme. I used the WordPress theme hierarchy as my digital map of what […]

  • The Daily Routine

    Do you ever wake up feeling like you just don’t get enough done in the day? Are you tried by mid-afternoon only feeling like your list is as long as it was when you first started the day?? I’ve been there. I even wrote about how I plan my week. But let’s talk about each […]

  • One of the things that are always against us, is ourselves. I say that as a perfectionist. Any perfectionist will tell you the same thing. It plays games in your mind. It paints this picture of what something should look like, but no matter what, you struggle to hit that goal.. Most of the time, […]