About Me

AJ Morris is an experienced WordPress developer and site builder with a passion for helping small businesses with their digital marketing and eCommerce efforts.

In 2004, he found WordPress while looking for content management system alternatives and fell in love with it. Since 2008 he has focused on it exclusively for any small to mid-sized business site. Also in 2008, he formed an independent (now closed) consultant shop, SurfCubes, where he build WordPess based blogs and websites for clients all over the world.

After 4 years, he decided to hang up the consultant lifestyle and take a full-time marketing developer position at a local software company that focuses on protecting people from the effects pornography has on relationships and your well-being.

While working at the software company he met his now wife, Nicole, who is a VP of Product at the software company. Together they have 2 adorable children, Chloe and Hudson, and live in a small town where they spend their days raising their family.

In 2015, he moved to Liquid Web, where he helped to build two different iterations of a Managed WordPress hosting product to help the company gain traction in the growing trend of managed application hosting providers. In 13 short months, he was able to hit his revenue numbers and court and ultimately bring on his now boss, Chris Lema to help lead the charge to building Liquid Web’s success in the Managed WordPress and now Managed WooCommerce hosting space.

He uses this blog to share in his learnings from product development, product marketing, course creation and coaching. He will shamelessly promote my life’s work and talk about all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) things going on in my life.