Hi, I’m AJ Morris.

I am foremost a husband and father. I also lead product development teams to build and launch products. I focus on finding product-market fit as a product manager for Liquid Web.

I use this blog to talk about my adventures in product management, strategy and marketing.

In 2008, I started SurfCubes, a web development and design studio focusing on helping small and mid-market businesses build their online presence. I transitioned into product work along the way, building documentation and responsive front-ends for web applications with some of the Valley’s elite.

As a solopreneur, I honed my project and vendor management skills to provide a full-service development studio experience for a third of the cost.

I am married to a beautiful wife, Nicole and together we have an adorable daughter, Chloe.

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My mission

At the core of my work, I want to help make a difference in peoples lives.

The first way I try to do this is to make sure that the work I do on a daily basis helps the customers, my team have better experiences with the products we build.

The second way I try to do this is to apply the insights and learnings to my daily life. What are the most effective ways to help a customer or coworker? If we could focus only on one thing today to make their lives better, what would it be?

Knowing that I can help to effect change in someones life (big or small), makes the decisions I make, the job I do, all that more enjoyable. Seeing the change in customers and coworkers is a transformative experience.