On the Subject of Me


I’m a web developer living in St. Johns, Michigan. I’ve worked for such companies as TechSmith, Covenant Eyes, and even educational institutions like Owosso Public Schools, Dewitt Public Schools, and even The George Washington University. I have transitioned back to full-time corporate life.

I am currently working as a Product Manager for Liquid Web. Product Management is a role I feel that I was built for having worked on marketing and development teams in my past companies. Also having served as a successful soloprenuer, I have been luckily enough to run a company that netted profit 5 years in a row.

Prior to moving to Liquid Web, I worked as a web strategist and a web developer where I worked with the marketing team primarily building a new fully responsive WordPress theme for the marketing part of the site. During that time I also worked on creating a custom built Gravity Forms to HubSpot integration plugin that allows Covenant Eyes to create landing pages within a set of custom built landing page templates that have a high level of conversion.

For a number of years I have worked with Headway Themes. In my time with them I have worked in all facets of the business, from blogging, writing documentation, developing, designing, and everything in between. It has been some of my fondest memories of my career and I will be forever grateful for that time.

I am now also volunteering several hours a week on the WordPress Community Team where I work with WordCamp and WordPress Meetups to help them get organized for conferences or meetups.

The views on this website are those of my own. They do not necessarily represent the view of the companies I have worked for, currently working for, or even future companies I work for.

About this Site

This site is a place to put down my thoughts about various topics I have an interest in. Mainly I will try to focus on the subject of development, WordPress, product management process, and general life skills. It is designed to be an experiment. It may not always be up or in the same capacity that you see now. It’s possible that an idea could come and I could run with it, choosing to move things around on this site to where I can play with whatever is new that I’m playing with. Please accept my apologies in advance.