About AJ Morris

Digital Product Strategist. WordPress Developer. Marketer and Business Coach. Avid Drone Flyer. TechDad.

After spending more than a decade as a developer, I wanted a new challenge. So I moved into the world of Product

Management. It encompasses Business (marketing), Technology, and User Experience. It was a successful transition as I had extensive experience in all three fields as a freelance entrepreneur.

Building a Sustainable Product Business?

In 2014 prior to my full transition to product management, I started helping companies define what their successes looked like by working with them to understand, build and develop what their roadmap should be. Since then, I have moved into product management at Liquid Web, where I lead initiatives in the marketing, development, engineering, and business teams.

Want a custom built Website without hiring a developer?

In 2008, I started SurfCubes, a web development and design studio focusing on helping small and mid-market businesses build their online presence. I transitioned into product work along the way, building documentation and responsive front-ends for web applications with some of the Valley’s elite.

As a solopreneur, I honed my project and vendor management skills to provide a full-service development studio experience for a third of the cost.

I also work with small businesses to help them with their online presence by providing development and custom built solutions to achieve their online goals. Whether they are a blog that's making them money or a business that's bringing their store to the digital age, I work with them over the course of several weeks that allow feedback loops to reach their goals in record time.

Looking to start or increase your existing business?

While my day job keeps me quite busy, I do enjoy helping people get started with their dreams. Most of my "free" time is spent helping small businesses, freelancers, even solopreneurs gain clarity and understanding of their passion and goals. Through coaching, development and strategic meetings, we can work together to provide you with the clarity you need to take the first steps to build the business of your dreams.

My mission

At the core of my work, I want to help make a difference in peoples lives.

The first way I try to do this is to make sure that the work I do on a daily basis helps the customers, my team create better experiences with the products we build.

The second way I try to do this is to apply the insights and learnings to my daily life. What are the most effective ways to help a customer or coworker? If we could focus only on one thing today to make their lives better, what would it be?

Knowing that I can help to effect change in someone's life (big or small), make the decisions I make, the job I do, all that more enjoyable. Seeing the change in customers and coworkers is a transformative experience.

I use this blog to talk about my adventures in product management, strategy and marketing.

I am married to a beautiful wife, Nicole and together we have an adorable daughter, Chloe, and son, Hudson.

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