I help small business owners reach their digital potential by building systems and processes to help you succeed.

Hi, I'm AJ. I am a digital consultant. Over the last decade I have focused on building integrated website systems for digital marketing teams within small to mid-size companies. Now I'm working toward building my own consulting business from scratch with a focus on helping small businesses get digital.

Automating Your Business

Often the easiest activities to automate or the small tasks that add up over time. When you begin adding automation into your business, you get more time to work on the things that matter.

You get to work with your customers again. You get to work with your team again. You start to feel like you have free time.

With a few short hours together, I can help put you on a path to automating your business. Let me help you start automating today.


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Start Automating Your Business Today

Download my automating business blueprint. You'll get the basic system for getting more more clients.

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