I help small business owners navigate their digital marketing so that they can reach their goals.

Digital Marketing Strategist

As a 4th generation entrepreneur, I have a strong connection to small business success. Because of that, for much of my career, I have spent learning web development, digital marketing, and digital media to better help businesses adapt to constant change. Today, I focus these learnings and efforts on assisting fellow small business owners with better adapt their businesses to while holding on what they cherish.


AJ gave me an expert answer to a tough question. He has so much experience in the online, subscription space. It was exactly what I needed!

—Chris McKenna

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Growing up the son of a small business owner left me with a keen understanding of the struggles we all face as we try to grow our businesses. My experience has helped to position my skills in the chasm between the old and new ways of growing small businesses. If you are struggling to reach your goals, let's work together to see how I can help you get there.