Using Headway’s Content Block to Create Woothemes Hub Content Area

In my previous post, Multiple Ways to Use Headway’s Content Block, I showed 5 examples of great design choices for content areas. Today, I’m starting a 5 post series that will show you how to do each one.


This post is all about the Woothemes Hub content area, particularly this one. In the screencast, which runs about 20 minutes, I’ll walk you through disecting what Woothemes does with the content area, and how to setup and design your content block in Headway.



Hopefully this has helped give you an idea of how to take a look at a design you like and apply it to your own site. In tomorrow’s post, we’ll cover the Theme Trust Hayden content area. If you haven’t already, make sure you take a moment and subscribe to receive these great tutorials and more about Headway and new products I’ll be releasing shortly!

2 thoughts on “Using Headway’s Content Block to Create Woothemes Hub Content Area”

  1. AJ, great tutorial. I’m looking forward to the other videos in this series. I appreciate the mini-recap that you did during the middle of this video and I hope you’ll consider doing that in the next 4 videos in this series.

    I’m not brand new to wordpress but I am fairly new to Headway and I just wanted to say thanks and let you know that you do an excellent job explaining each step.

    Keep up the great work!


    • Thanks for the comments Vinnie. I actually recorded every one of these in a single night. I’m pretty sure I did a recap at some point, but can’t guarantee that I did it the same in each one. I’ll add that to my notes for future screencasts though.

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