Using Headway’s Content Block to Create Nathan Barry’s Content Area

In the last of this series we’re going to be looking at Nathan Barry’s content area. The one thing that I really like about his content area is that it matches mine in many ways. It actually was one of my influences when I was doing my redesign. I had two sites that really influenced the design of this site and I wanted to make sure that I took those into account. Anyways…that’s likely another blog post.

Today’s screencast goes through the breakdown of Nathan’s content area. There’s a few things in the design that I tried to do to make it more interesting, but it’s one that definitely had me stumped at how to do it with Headway. Take a look. It went a little long, but it’s worth watching me fumble a bit!

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Do you have a suggestion for the next series or is there something you’d like to cover? What do you want to learn next?



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