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WordPress Resources

I was asked by a co-worker last week for a list of resources of places I go to look for WordPress information. I figured this would make a great blog post, so I’ve started to collect them here. This post is going to be updated over time as I come across more resources, etc. These resources are in no general order. My List of WordPress Resources This is a shortened list of what I read in a typical week. There’s a ton of places I read,
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Front-end Developers Tool: CSS Lint

For any inspiring front-end developers reading my blog, I want to give you a free tool to use. It’s called CSS Lint. CSS Lint points out problems with your CSS code. It does basic syntax checking as well as applying a set of rules to the code that look for problematic patterns or signs of inefficiency. It has rules that are pluggable, so you can easily write your own or omit ones you don’t want (text from here). But what does all this mean? It’s pretty
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New Dev Tool: WP-CLI

One tool I’ve been using for several months is WP-CLI. This tool is an absolute must if you are doing any server work. WP-CLI from their website, is a command-line tool for managing WordPress installations. It gives you the abilities like update plugins, themes, even WordPress. You can even do database tasks. The database tasks are probably the most important for me. This is pretty sweet because you could create a system that would provide backups of your database very easily. Let’s take a look
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How to Easily Change WordPress Emails

I have come across this quite a lot lately. WordPress send emails for things like new users, forgot passwords, change passwords, etc. It uses a default address of wordpress@example.com. While it gives you an idea of where it comes from, sometimes you want to just have it be something specific. Personally for me, I like changing it for the mere fact that someone could reply to the email and it will actually get to someone. So I’ve created a very simple plugin that will allow
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A New Design

Lately I’ve been having this urge to redesign this site and spend some time refocusing it a bit. The past few months have been an incredible time in my life as I married my wife — the woman of my dreams. That time I spent a lot of time — debating, thinking, praying — trying to figure out what I wanted to do with this site. I’m excited to announce that it’s going to come back alive and I’ll be blogging more as I continue
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DIY Server Admin Tip – Installing Security Fixes

If you run your own server, you probably already know this command: sudo apt-get update What you might not realize is that it actually doesn’t upgrade anything you installed. It only updates the list of packages and their versions. It does not install or upgrade anything. Therefore it’s helpful if you run the following command next: sudo apt-get upgrade This will install any updates and security fixes available for the packages you have installed! I’ve had 3 people ask me about this in the last
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