AJ Morris

June 15th, 2022

Non-Identifying Information

This site uses Plausible Analytics to collect non-personally-identifying information of website visitors. I use this service to see which articles of mine are popular and how people find my website (simply to satisfy my curiosity, and nothing else). Do Not Track is honored, so if you have that enabled in your browser, then your visit to this website is not recorded.

Forms On This Site

Your email address is collected when you submit a form to subscribe to future blog posts. This email address will be sent email versions of new blog posts that are published on this site.

The emails you receive do not include any tracking pixels, nor do they relay any data to me. I do not know if you open the email, forward it, or trash it (please don’t trash it).

You are free to unsubscribe at any time from my list. When you unsubscribe, I will no longer be able to see your email address. It is deleted forever.

Third-Party Services And Your Data

Plausible Analytics is the only third-party service used on this site for the reasons outlined in the Non-Identifying Information section above.

  1. No personal data is collected

  2. All data is isolated to a single day

  3. No cookies and other persistent identifiers are used

Policy Changes

Occasionally, this Privacy Policy is reviewed and modified. Visit this page to check for any changes. Direct any questions or concerns to me at:


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