• I’m the son of an entrepreneur.. You see, my dad started his own business while he was still in high school with his father. They started a bicycle shop. My dad was always working on his friends’ bicycles in the garage. My grandpa saw that as an opportunity and they decided to open the shop. […]

  • On Taking Breaks

    On Taking Breaks

    Over the last few months, I’ve really been enjoying the weekends. We’ve been doing a little bit of road trip traveling (I call it that because it’s something where we can visit <10 hours of drive time) and spending time at the cottage.. It’s good to unplug; get away from technology, and enjoy the outdoors. […]

  • I used to feel completely overwhelmed each day. I was one of those that had a never-ending to-do list, that only got longer every meeting I attended. I can’t tell you the number of times that I ended the day feeling more overwhelmed with the amount of work that I had to do than when […]

  • Here’s my full list of questions I ask before starting a project

    When I started freelancing, I didn’t fully understand all the questions I should ask when scoping and pricing out a project. However, as the years when on and I took on more projects, I have collected a list of questions I ask for every project I take on.. If you are looking at getting into […]

  • Zoom Fatigue is Real. Here’s How to Combat It

    Everyone I have been talking to lately seems to be over Zoom. They are tired of having every single meeting be on zoom. Anytime you need to discuss something with a co-worker, it seems to be “let’s jump on Zoom” and talk through it. . The problem isn’t that we want to communicate. Because we […]

  • Teaching is Everything

    Teaching is Everything

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed sharing everything that I’ve learned along my journey. It could be because I’m become a parent and a father and spend a lot of my day teaching my kids, whether it’s putting on shoes or getting them dressed, or even teaching them how to play […]