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DC Startup Weekend Wrapup

So I’m sure most of you by now have seen that DC Startup Weekend and come and gone. We are the third weekend in a row to have a working product in BETA form by Midnight Sunday night. It was an awesome feeling! We had uStreamed the moment that we went live and was glad to see that we had some visitors that shared that moment with us. You can see some more posts regarding the event, and HolaNeighbor! For those that attended the event
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DC Startup Weekend Here I Come!

Well it’s Thursday night and I’m getting ready to head out to the airport so I can make my way to DC and get ready for the weekend.?? Our final 3 ideas for the weekend are: Restaurant-Customer Matchup System Job Posting Site Condo Buildings Social Network There’s two that I’m voting on happening.?? One thing I’m keeping in my mind is that we have 2.3 days to get this completed and up and running.?? So I’m going to start coining the phrase, keep it simple.??
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DC Startupweekend

Uploaded with Skitch! So I just wanted to remind people that I’m still planning on going to the DC Startup Weekend. There’s some great ideas so I’m really looking forward to what other ideas get added. Check out the list of already growing cities that have committed to hosting a Startup Weekend.
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Look What Jing Can Do!

Check out what can be done with Jing on a Mac! I was talking around the office today and decided I wanted to know if Jing could capture the dashboard and some widgets. Guess I was right! The hint is that you need to use your hotkey, by default on a Mac it???s Command + Shift + 1.
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WordPress.com Tutorials have Arrived!

I am pleased to post these tutorials that I have been working on for the last few weeks.  These are something that took a lot of time to do since Camtasia Studio was giving me a little problems and then my hosting solution had to change over as well.  I have decided to post these all in one post and have included iPod forms as well.  Please let me know what you think about these and if you have ideas on other tutorial series that
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