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Ruby on Rails Instructions Released for Leopard

Dan over at Hivelogic released an updated guide for installing Ruby, Rails Gems, Rails, and MySQL. Check out the article here. If there’s anything else that you need to install (like RSpec, Capistrano, SVN) you can do that with the following commands. To install RSpec just type: $ gem install rspec To install Capistrano, type: $ gem install capistrano To install SVN it’s a little different, so you’ll have to install with the following command: $ curl -O http://subversion.tigris.org/downloads/subversion-1.4.3.tar.gz curl -O http://subversion.tigris.org/downloads/subversion-deps-1.4.3.tar.gz tar xzvf subversion-1.4.3.tar.gz
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Switching Hosts

Recently I started a quest for looking for some sort of a dedicated hosting or at least something I could rely on for Rails hosting. I was hosting my projects and sites on DreamHost, but got tired of the shared hosting and the minimal support from them so it was clearly time to start the search. My initial search led me to this page on the RubyonRails web page. I thought about moving everything I host to one place, but from experience it’s not cost
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So Your Got a Mac for Christmas…

This time of year there always seems to be a slew of people asking me about what Mac software I’m using, if there’s some quality open source apps to use, etc. Since it’s Christmas/New Years time, I figured I’d put together a list software I use for a variety of tasks. So without further ado, here’s my list. Productivity iWork – A suite similar to Microsoft’s Office suite, from Apple. This includes three programs: Keynote, Numbers, and Pages. Keynote is a presentation software, Numbers is
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Rails 2.0 Released!!

Rails 2.0 was released on Friday!!?? Thanks to all the hard work from the core developers and the hundreds of contributors.?? Without them we couldn’t have had some features like Active Record: Performance, Active Record: Sexy migrations, Action Pack: HTTP Loving, Action Pack: Resources, and so many many more!!!?? Check out the full blown post here. I can’t wait to see what else is in store with Rails 2.0! In the coming days hopefully we’ll see some more in the blogosphere and what else there
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Gmail 2.0 Announces Colored Labels

If you have gotten them yet, you should be. Today Gmail released color-coded labels. I think this is something we’ve been waiting for some time to get. I have been playing around with them a little bit today and think that it’s really cumbersome and easy to use. One thing I wish they would have added in there is the option to set my own color schemes instead of the ones that they provide you with. But I guess we all can’t be too greedy
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Agile Web Development at Startup Weekend

Today I thought I would talk about agile web development with ruby on rails and how we implemented it during Startup Weekend. This past weekend I went to my first Startup Weekends (hope it’s not the last) and had a group of about 10-20 developers work together for a weekend to create a product in a weekend. I found that when working with developers it helps to use an agile approach. It also helps to work in pairs (just in case anyone leaves early). The
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