My Setup and Software

I saw a post like this last weekend and thought that it’s time that I do one of these again myself. Everyone seems to change what they use every now and then, so I though by updating this maybe it would get other people to look at what they use and maybe make a post like this as well.

What Hardware?

Below is a picture of my desk. It’s not my whole desk, but rather the spot I use the most of. I try to keep this area as clean as possible so that when I’m working I’m focused on what I’m doing. Head on over to flickr to see some notes on the photo.
Desk Setup

My computer is a 1st Generation 15″ Macbook Pro (I know it’s old, but still gets the job done!). It has 2GB or Ram, a 2.0 GHz Core Duo, and is running leopard. I use a Apple Wireless Keyboard, Dell optical mouse, and a Dell 24″ monitor. Probably my most favorite piece on my desk (or not one my desk in this picture) would have to be my iPhone 3G. Whether dealing with clients or trying to find somewhere to eat for lunch, it is a lifesaver when I’m not in my office and I’m not sure what I would do with out it!

I also wanted to touch on the fact that I also have a MSIWind Netbook running Mac OS X Leopard. I LOVE this thing! I mainly use if for traveling to and from work, when I’m hanging out at the coffee shop, or when I’m on the road and don’t feel like bringing my MBP with me.?? I can do some coding on it, so I’ve installed Rails, TextMate, all the usual programming-focused applications that I’ll describe below.

My Software

Well I spend most of my time in TextMate, and Firefox. I do also use a lot. For email I use both Gmail and for both work and personal/client work. Everything gets setup with Google’s SMTP server though, so that it saves my emails in Gmail.

I prefer Firefox over Safari, though I tend to use both. I also use CSSEdit for any CSS styles I need to create, although I’m not a designer so I either have someone else do that work for me, or I try and make something really simple and let my clients decide.?? I also use Photoshop when I try to do some graphic work (however it’s not on my Hackbook! :P).

Other than that, I try to keep it pretty simple. When I’m not programming I have all sorts of programs I use, MS Office (the occasional paper writing that needs to be done), Handbrake, Adium (chat), Skype, etc.

What do you use?