In the Last Week

I’ve been thinking about how to write this post for the past week. I kind of wanted to start by saying how excited I am to be going down this new road of freelancing. I also was wanting to start it out by how I must be crazy for leaving a dream job for another dream job. What I finally decided on was to say this. My last day working for a software company for 40 hour weeks is this Thursday. I’m going to be transitioning to fulltime freelance with my company SurfCubes and working for Headway Themes.


With SurfCubes I’m going to be working on promoting my business and continuing to work with local small businesses and others from around the world to help them with all their WordPress site needs. I’ll be continuing to be a leader in providing custom development for Headway Themes, but will use whatever tool is best for the job.

Headway Themes

I will continue to be working at Headway Themes. As it stands now, I’m providing support, training, developing and testing. The good news is that this transition will offer for more training opportunities like webinars during the day! We’ll be announcing more details soon over at the Headway blog. So stayed tuned over there as we get ready to offer more training and announce other cool things we’ve got in store.

Finally I just want to thank you to everyone around me that’s been supporting me in this decision. I’ve spent a lot of time debating and thinking about this decision and I look forward to helping more people out in the coming months with all there WordPress needs. If you know anyone looking to hire a WordPress freelancer, make sure to send them my way!

3 thoughts on “In the Last Week”

  1. This is two weeks late — but congrats AJ, that’s awesome. Your post brought back memories: I made the same transition last year (though I’m more on the strategy side). It’s such a weird combination of thoughts and emotions, right? Part of you is happy about the freedom, ecstatic about the schedule, excited about the challenge — and another part is apprehensive about such a big change, anxious about the additional responsibilities, and worried about making ends meet. But you’re probably past all that by now. For me, the next stage was realizing that I could stay up late, sleep in, wear pajamas all day, re-watch the final season of **24**, and get insanely good at **Call of Duty Black Ops.** But then I realized that the biweekly paychecks I’d been getting for 15 years were no longer being deposited into my bank account — and then the real transition took place.

    In all seriousness though, congrats again. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the experience. I’ll keep you mind for WP-HW dev work / project collaboration.

  2. @tomc Thanks! Yeah, it’s bee a fun ride so far. I’ve actually been out at the Headway Themes World Headquarters working on the next major version of Headway (3.0). 🙂 I’ve got a few clients I’m doing some work for, but after that, I will be looking for more.

    Definitely let me know if you want to collaborate. Would love to do something with someone.

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