This site uses affiliate links

I don’t write posts to generate revenue. Each post is an opinion of my own, driven by my experience and use of the theme or plugin. With that said, some of the links that point to plugins, themes, marketplaces, etc, are what we call an “affiliate link.” These links route traffic while also tracking that it’s me sending the vendor traffic. In return, should someone buy something from them, I make a small amount of money for what you purchase.

Two things to note

I will never recommend a plugin, theme or product on this site that I’ve not personally used (for myself or for clients). Each recommendation on here is because I have used the product for a project and believe that others will value the product.

The second is that while I may make money from a marketplace you bought, it did not cost you anything more. It’s merely a thank you from the vendor.

Let’s look at the reality of things

When I write a post, it typically costs me somewhere between $75 – $200. I don’t write posts everyday, but I do pay for hosting this site (it’s on a separate server than anything else). That costs me about $50/month for hosting.

If we take a look at what I make every month in affiliate links, it would be around $15 for an average. So you can see it doesn’t really make a dent in my monthly costs of this site.

I never write a post because I hope I’ll make a killing with affiliate links.

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