Change is a Good Thing!

I figured it was time I should put an update of what I’ve been thinking about doing on here. After spending some time on the debating on where my priorities were going to be for things I wanted to do this year, I’ve decided that I’m going to be moving some of my blog posts off this blog and over to a blog that is designed to better handle them.

Which blog posts might I be referring to you ask? Well that’s a good question! Over the course of the last year, I’ve been focusing my development to WordPress, and more specifically Headway Themes. I’ve started working for Headway as what I like to call a jack of all trades person, and have been focusing my development to specifically tailor to Headway Themes users. That being said, most of my recent posts here have been able WordPress and/or Headway. Since I’ve wanted to start training and doing more tutorial work in the WordPress and Headway communities, I’ve decided that instead of posting that content here, I’ll be starting to post more on a new site called Headway Toolbox. Headway Toolbox is a site that’s just getting started, but is planning on being a community site that will hopefully be one that many Headway and WordPress users go to.

So if you have bookmarked, subscribed, or other wise check this site daily for those types of articles, you may want to start following Headway Toolbox.

This site, will undergo a new redesign (yes again) and will be changing to more of a personal blog/tumblog style in the coming months. Thanks for visiting and make sure to follow me on one of the other various sites I’m on. 🙂