It’s not you, it’s me. A struggle to blog regularly

It has been a few years since I have hit publish on a blog post, at least on this blog. 2017 is the year to change that. There are over 100 unfinished, unpublished posts, sitting in my drafts, waiting for my attention to be edited, curated, even finished, before I am able to hit publish on them. I have been moving these drafts, along with this site to the various hosts I have tried over the years. Most recently moving the blog to a product

In the Last Week

I’ve been thinking about how to write this post for the past week. I kind of wanted to start by saying how excited I am to be going down this new road of freelancing. I also was wanting to start it out by how I must be crazy for leaving a dream job for another dream job. What I finally decided on was to say this. My last day working for a software company for 40 hour weeks is this Thursday. I’m going to be

Headway Skin: Pressrow Beta Now Available

Yesterday marked a day where Chris Pearson’s final theme, Pressrow, was removed from Well I decided to stop what I was doing and see what I could get done in a few hours. What I’m releasing right now is a rough beta. I still have a list of things to work on,

Welcome Headway 2.0!

Headway Themes has recently gotten a major update. Not only did they release a new version of this premium theme, but they also released a new site design, a new support site, and new documentation built from the ground up to go along with it. Some of the features they’ve built in to this release are: WordPress 3 Menu Support WordPress Multi-Site Support Built in SEO Visual Editor A Quick Start Wizard Column Support Text WYSIWYG Leaf Headway 2.0 Intro Video from Headway Themes on

Another Blog Redesign

I decided that it was time to give my site yet another redesign. I wanted to take a few hours out of my freelance time to work a simple redesign that I could enhance over time. I decided that since I’ve been using Headway for all of my client sites the past 6 months, that I should at least use it on this site here. It’s also why I have not been blogging as much. I’ve been secretly working on my business site, but the

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