It’s not you, it’s me. A struggle to blog regularly

In the Last Week

I’ve been thinking about how to write this post for the past week. I kind of wanted to start by saying how excited I am to be going down this new road of freelancing. I

Headway Skin: Pressrow Beta Now Available

Yesterday marked a day where Chris Pearson’s final theme, Pressrow, was removed from WordPress.com. Well I decided to stop what I was doing and see what I could get done in a few hours. What I’m releasing right now is a rough beta. I still have a list of things to work on,

Welcome Headway 2.0!

Headway Themes has recently gotten a major update. Not only did they release a new version of this premium theme, but they also released a new site design, a new support site, and new documentation

Another Blog Redesign

I decided that it was time to give my site yet another redesign. I wanted to take a few hours out of my freelance time to work a simple redesign that I could enhance over

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