Using Headway’s Content Block to Create Woothemes Hub Content Area

Managing WordPress from the Command Line

Managing your own server can be a lot of work. But it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences as you get to learn by trial and error. Did you know that you

WordPress Resources

I was asked by a co-worker last week for a list of resources of places I go to look for WordPress information. I figured this would make a great blog post, so I’ve started to

New Dev Tool: WP-CLI

One tool I’ve been using for several months is WP-CLI. This tool is an absolute must if you are doing any server work. WP-CLI from their website, is a command-line tool for managing WordPress installations.

How to Easily Change WordPress Emails

I have come across this quite a lot lately. WordPress send emails for things like new users, forgot passwords, change passwords, etc. It uses a default address of wordpress@example.com. While it gives you an idea

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