Why You Need A Value Proposition For Your Next Product

Behind the Scenes: My New eCommerce Plugin

eCommerce has been something that I’ve wanted to focus a lot of my energy on. I’ve been running eCommerce sites for the last 5 years. In an inbound or content marketing perspective, I understand the

Inbound Marketing and WordPress

In the past 18 months, I’ve spent a lot of time understanding Inbound marketing. For those that don’t know what inbound marketing is, the basis is advertising a company, product or service through blogs, podcasts,

Summer of WordCamps!

I decided to take the summer (and part of the fall) to attend as many WordCamps as I could. I started out by checking out the list??here and then started to see which ones I could drive to within a day or so. I then found 6??that I could go to and they are:??Columbus,Iowa,??Savannah,??Baltimore,??Detroit, and??St. Paul.

Relaunch 2.0 is a Go!

I’m pleased to be relaunching this site today, especially on my birthday! I decided to hold off another week so that I could get a few more posts done, and a few more little things working right with this blog. I am pretty happy with the results of waiting for a week.

Over the past few months I’ve been working hard to relaunch this site and get a few other ones ready to launch over the next few weeks. This site is just the start! Getting designs finished, doing all the tweaking that needs to get done, let alone get all the content ready.

All these sites will be running on the WordPress platform, and all on one install of WP 3.0. Being able to run them all on a couple of servers and having the same administration login for all should make it easier to manage them. I think one of the best features with WP 3.0 is the fact that they

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