How To Build A MVP Quickly

I love photography. In fact, I love using photography in my designs for websites I build. One thing we can all agree on is that stock photography is awful. And it’s expensive. It is generic and in some cases you see images on your site on others. Some other folks noticed this too. So they thought that because other people might think this was a problem they needed a way to figure out if this was true. They set out to build a website where you

Why You Need A Value Proposition For Your Next Product

Most products are built because they aim too solve a problem. It could be a problem that you, yourself encountered, or something a friend encountered. But it’s a problem that started us on the journey of developing a solution to. Now like other product developers out there, I have made a career solving problems. Problems in the educational sector, public sector, even for myself. And what most technology businesses start out with these days are digital products that are aiming to solve a problem. But

Why is Product/Market Fit so Important in Growing Your Business?

We all have an idea to solve particular problems we encounter regularly. Good or bad we sometimes tend to get emotionally invested in those ideas. We then go and talk to our immediate network about it and decide to put all our savings on the line. Sometimes we even start raising money from family and friends to start building an app or website without validating whether the idea is sustainable or actually solves a problem. Instead of jumping right in to solving the problem, you’ll

5 Comprehensive Ways To Get Customer Feedback

You just spent the last 3 months building a product that solves a problem you encountered. All the spent your time working hard, putting in long hours, setting up a website, even getting all your social media accounts setup. It is likely youu might have even put together a marketing plan, starting blogging, and got a small email list. With all this hard work done, you are likely starting to see sales. But are you getting the growth you thought you’d get? Have you thought

Behind the Scenes: My New eCommerce Plugin

eCommerce has been something that I’ve wanted to focus a lot of my energy on. I’ve been running eCommerce sites for the last 5 years. In an inbound or content marketing perspective, I understand the pre-sale side of eCommerce and am always looking at tools that can help earn a sale quicker and with the least amount of cost. For some people that know this about me, it wasn’t a surprise when the news broke that I would acquire Exchange from iThemes. ExchangeWP is a

Here are 6 Traits to Becoming a Great Product Manager

After spending a decade as a web developer, I was finding that I wanted another challenge. I felt that I was getting comfortable in my position and I wanted to find a way make a change. I wasn’t sure what that change was. But it was going to be something. I spent several weeks doing those personality tests. I ended up looking at what traits and skills I had and based off the results of those tests, I decided that what I was going to

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