Ruby Vulnerabilities

An Apple Product Security technician has identified multiple vulnerabilities with Ruby, which if exploited could be used in denial of service attacks. It does not have to be just Mac OS X that this afects. It looks like it’s all versions based on the official post from the Ruby development team.?? To find out what version of Ruby you are using open up Terminal or your command-line prompt client and type ruby –version You should get something like this ruby 1.8.6 (2008-06-20 patchlevel 230) [i686-darwin9.3.0]

To busy to complete…

So I’ve been getting a little busy at work lately, and while I’d like to really take you guys through a ToDo list tutorial, I just don’t have the time right now to work on that, while learning Rails 2.0, and then working on getting a ToDo list app working as well.?? Rather than leave you guys high and dry without finishing this, I thought I’d show you this really cool open-source ToDo application that you can install for free!?? Check to FooToDo here!! I

Todo list application with Rails 2.0!

I’ve recently taken a new position doing Rails applications full time (which I’m definitely excited about) however, between myself and the other developer, we’ve decided to go right up to Rails 2.0.2. This of course did not fit with me very well because I haven’t done rails development full time yet, and what rails apps I have done were in 1.2.6 and lower. I haven’t been a good developer because I wasn’t paying attention to all the new features and how they work. Of course

Ruby on Rails Instructions Released for Leopard

Dan over at Hivelogic released an updated guide for installing Ruby, Rails Gems, Rails, and MySQL. Check out the article here. If there’s anything else that you need to install (like RSpec, Capistrano, SVN) you can do that with the following commands. To install RSpec just type: $ gem install rspec To install Capistrano, type: $ gem install capistrano To install SVN it’s a little different, so you’ll have to install with the following command: $ curl -O curl -O tar xzvf subversion-1.4.3.tar.gz

Switching Hosts

Recently I started a quest for looking for some sort of a dedicated hosting or at least something I could rely on for Rails hosting. I was hosting my projects and sites on DreamHost, but got tired of the shared hosting and the minimal support from them so it was clearly time to start the search. My initial search led me to this page on the RubyonRails web page. I thought about moving everything I host to one place, but from experience it’s not cost

Rails 2.0 Released!!

Rails 2.0 was released on Friday!!?? Thanks to all the hard work from the core developers and the hundreds of contributors.?? Without them we couldn’t have had some features like Active Record: Performance, Active Record: Sexy migrations, Action Pack: HTTP Loving, Action Pack: Resources, and so many many more!!!?? Check out the full blown post here. I can’t wait to see what else is in store with Rails 2.0! In the coming days hopefully we’ll see some more in the blogosphere and what else there

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