Shipping Software

Shipping Software

There’s been a few articles that have inspired me to think about shipping software differently these days. The first was from a great blog Signal vs Noise. Shipping beats perfection. Be open. Share your work.

Politics 101: Eating Your Own Dog Food

In this political season there is much on both sides of the aisle to be ashamed of. I’m not going to talk about them here though. Instead, I want to talk about ‘eating your own

WordPress Resources

I was asked by a co-worker last week for a list of resources of places I go to look for WordPress information. I figured this would make a great blog post, so I’ve started to

A New Design

Lately I’ve been having this urge to redesign this site and spend some time refocusing it a bit. The past few months have been an incredible time in my life as I married my wife

Invites for the big day

I don’t blog too much personal things here, which I’ll probably start doing more here and less about WordPress in the future, but wanted to take a minute and post up our invites for the

Top 3 Ways to Be a Better Software Developer

A couple of days ago, I was asked by a friend if I’d compile a list of ways you could become a better software developer. This is my growing list of tips and tricks I’ve

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