Looking to Run and Organize Your Own Mastermind Group? Consider this approach

Entrepreneurship can be a challenge. And no challenge is fun going alone. If you are running a successful business, chances are you aren’t alone, you have employees. But you may be alone in how you make some of the decisions. Masterminds are a great way to get honest feedback, help refine your ideas, and share insights and experience. They can also help to inspire you with their successes and support you when you face setbacks. I haven’t been involved with a Mastermind, but what I

What the Heck are these Masterminds people are talking about?

I read a statistic recently that 71% of people quit their New Years Resolutions after the second week. If you are like me, and just recently set some goals (or new years resolutions), then it’s time to start getting things into high gear. I had the opportunity to attend WooConf back in October. Over dinner one night, some friends and I were discussing the topic of Masterminds. I’ve heard of masterminds before, but never really did a lot of research into them. I was fortunate

Announcing SurfCubes 2.0

I am pleased to announce that I have relaunched SurfCubes, my web development consulting company. While I have been doing consulting work, it has been mainly through word of mouth, referrals and so forth. I’m excited to have SurfCubes back up and running. I’ve got a decent roadmap of what I want it to be. It’s not going to be just a consulting company. After the first of the year I will be launching two new sites that are part of the SurfCubes brand. There

Entrepreneurship: A Growing Trend

My last story about Entrepreneurship ends with my last big lesson through the years. If you haven’t read my first two, make sure to go back and read them. This story fast forwards to about 2003. I was working for Owosso Public Schools and was just given the position of Webmaster (yes, that’s what they called us web developers back then!) and Professional Development Trainer. I was responsible for all of the websites, content, etc. and training our teachers how to use new software we introduced

Entrepreneurship: A Growing Mantra

My story of my entrepreneurship history continues today as we look at my second time I sparked an interest in business. If you haven’t read my first story, you can check it out here and then pick back up with this story. We flash forward to when I was 13. I was in 7th grade and I was inspired to start a business. I wasn’t sure what business I wanted to start, so after talking to my dad again. What he suggested to me was

Entrepreneurship Lessons from the Early Days

Entrepreneurship has always ran strong in my family. I suppose it started in my Dad’s family. My Great Grandpa started a bank for teachers, which turned into a credit union. My Grandpa and my Dad started a bicycle business that’s been in business for 40 years. And my Aunt is running a bake shop in town. At heart, I’d say that our family has some pretty strong ties to being in business for ourselves. So it’s no surprise that I’ve had always loved to work.

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