Using Hidden Fields with Gravity Forms

I was working with a client awhile back and was asked if it were possible to build an employee referral form that referred employees to the company. I had the following as some of the business logic for the task.

  • Employee needed to have their own URL.
  • Anyone going to the URL did not need to know that it was an employee that was referring them.
  • HR needed to keep record of each applicant
  • Form needed to work as expected

I was able to get this done very quickly with Gravity Forms and WordPress. I thought today I would show you all how to do it.

Getting Started

Right off the back, we need to have a WordPress site and Gravity Forms. If you don’t have Gravity Forms, I highly suggest you go buy it right now. It’s a great piece of software that I install in every WordPress site I build. I can’t recommend it enough.

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